Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sounds of Brunei: Gulingtangan

Gulingtangan orchestra consists of gulingtangan, canang, tawak-tawak, gong and gandang labik. It is owned by the 5 tribes in Brunei and it is used in functions such as wedding ceremonies and other religious functions as well as in greeting the high officials of Brunei.

is the opening instrument used during the introduction of the orchestra and it plays an important role. The absence of this instrument can cause the gulingtangan orchestra to be incomplete.

is not as important as the gulingtangan in the orchestra. It acts only as a side instrument. It is not involved in creating the melody in the orchestra. Even so, without this instrument, the sound of the orchestra can become out of tune.

is also known as ‘tawak-tawak peningkul’ and
‘tawak-tawak peningkah’. The absence of this instrument in the gulingtanagn orchestra can cause it to be incomplete and out of tune.

acts as a side instrument and varies the melodies played. Its presence is required and without the instrument, the melody may sound bare.

Gandang labik,
an instrument which is as important as the gulingtangan. It can make the melody sound alive. It also symbolises the melody played and it is the closing instrument.

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BLOG"07 said...

nice blog and nice music too... we hope that you would be able to preserve such culture for the next generations to come...

rInOa_rOcksTar said...

Nice work... I'd like to listen more to your local music :)... :)

claire said...

Great job! Brunei is really interesting from their food, clothing, and music. I hope one day I could tour your beautiful country and
hear more of your wonderful music.

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FaRRaH_MaRiE_CaBerTe said...

=] Wow! What a spectacular music you've got there! Are you the ones playing the instruments in the photos? "Kinda" [your group's name!] similar to ours here in Philippines.. Brunei is sure a country worth visiting for!

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Wow! I wish I could really really visit Brunie and witness your art of clothing, taste your one-of-a-kind food, and listen to your interesting music. Anyway, nice work.
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Nice blog, guys! Really,you've got spectacular music there!

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